Wednesday 19 December 2018
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Africa: SA Backs Continent s Participation in Africa-EU Partnership
Tanzania: Over 1,000 Scientists to Meet in Arusha
Kenya: Report - Kenyan Authorities Harass Coal Plant Opponents
Nigeria: Strike Paralyses National Assembly
Africa: Jean-Claude Juncker - Africa s Future Will Shape Europe s
Ethiopia: Bereket and I (By yilma Bekele)
Nigeria: Investors Seal U.S.$32.6 Billion Deals At Cairo Intra-African Trade Fair
Nigeria: Strike- Govt, ASUP Meeting Ends In Deadlock
Nigeria: Water Resources Minister Reads Riot Act to Contractors
Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaa kab. Obbo Lammaa Magarsaa??
Dr. Abiy and Lemma has decided to continue TPLF’s genocide against the Oromo people to hold onto power
The Rebirth Timing of Ethiopia
Sudan’s state governor, officials killed in helicopter crash
The TPLF is Harboring Its Torture Kingpin, Getachew Assefa
Kenya humiliates Ethiopia in Copa opener
Will Ethiopia’s reforms include its women?
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 10, 2018
Old Faces and New Masks: The ‘Reformed’ EPRDF
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 11, 2018
The gruesome TPLF crime in Ethiopia (Walta Information)
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 12, 2018
Ethiopia Rising [by Yilma Bekele]
Ethiopian PM vows to bring human rights violators to justice
For the first time in decades, there are no Ethiopian journalists in prison
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 13, 2018
Saudi-Ethiopian Billionaire ‘Still Alive’ and Charged With Graft
Ethiopia: Remembering the Anuak Massacre
Ethiopia’s Torture Problem and the Court of Public Opinion
Ethiopia moving troops from Eritrean border amid new peace
Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam with Sisay Agena, on current Ethiopian affairs
21 killed in ethnic violence in Ethiopia
Ethiopia jails soldiers who marched on PM palace to up to 14 years
An Obstruction of Justice charge has yet to be filed against the TPLF’s Executive Committee Members
TPLF’s Dangerous Game: Changing the Narrative
THANK YOU All 2,819 Donors Who Helped Us Raise One-Half Million Dollars for the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund!
Mr. Obang Metho’s speech to Bahir Dar University
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 17, 2018
At least a dozen civilians killed by army inside Bekele Molla Hotel in Moyale
Amdom Gebreslasie of Arena Tigray, speaking truth to power
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 18, 2018
Abiy Ahmed – bringing a touch of Madiba Magic to Ethiopia
ESAT DC Daily News 18 December 2018
Stop Sidama Harassment, Intimidation and Unlawful Persecution!! Bring the True Butchers to Justice!!
Ilmaan Oromoo biyya isaanii irratti mirga isaanii gaafatan mana hidhaatti daddarbun har’as itti fufee jira.
በምርጫ ቦርድ መልሶ ማቋቋሚ ረቂቅ አዋጅ ላይ ተፎካካሪ የፓለቲካ ፓርቲዎች፣ ምሁራን እና የመንግስት ኃላፊዎች የሚሳተፉበት ውይይት ነገ ይካሄዳል። ውይይቱን ያዘጋጀው ጠቅላይ አቃቤ ህግ ነው።
Half a million homeless Yemenis on brink of famine face winter freeze
Abiy Ahmed – bringing a touch of Madiba Magic to Ethiopia
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 18, 2018
Fiilmiin Artist Seenaa Solomoon ‘Xiiqii’ jedhamu Giddu Gala Aadaa Oromoo Finfinnee jruu fi magaalaa Naqamteetti eebbifame
Kora saba Galmaa Caffee Araaraati tasifaame Irrati Wanti achiti dubaatame dogoggoraa jedhe Jawaar_Mohammad
ESAT News Tue 18 Dec 2018
Over 211,000 people still living in IDP camps in Indonesia after September earthquake-tsunami disaster
ESAT HR- Interview with Samuel Tessema former ArbaMinch Uni. Lecturer. 18 Dec 2019.
Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News December 18, 2018
ESAT Eletawi Tue 18 Dec 2018
Interpol to arrest and handover Ethiopian fugitives
Liberia: Finance Ministry Clarifies Report of Questionable U.S.$180k Taylor-Era Debt
ESAT Addis Ababa Amharic News Dec 18, 2018
ESAT Oduu Afaan Oromoo kibxata Dec 18 2018
South Africa: Accidents - More Reckless Driving On SA s Roads As Festive Season Enters Its Peak
Kenya: Boda Boda Reforms Deadline Pushed to May
Africa: West African Boardrooms and the Gender Gap
South Africa: Business Services Industry Key to Job Creation
Manchester United lose patience, sack Jose Mourinho
ESAT Poleticachin Tue 18 Dec 2018 Part 1
Zimbabwe: Basic Commodity Prices Increase By 10%
Zimbabwe: Give Zimbabwe Time, Says Canadian Ambassador
Africa: Women Farmers Join Agricultural Value Chains
Africa: Robots and Lack of Childcare Leave Women s Wages Centuries Behind
Africa: The Three Lessons Africa Can Learn From Asia About Investing in Agriculture
Nigeria: You re Not Doing Enough for Igbo, MASSOB Tells Ekweremadu
ESAT Bet Lengeda with Senedu Abebe Dec 18 , 2018 part 1
Kenya: Govt to Hold a National Convention On Boda Boda Operators Early Next Year
Africa: Advances in Technology Will Change Job-Market in Africa- - IMF Boss
Ghana: President Akufo-Addo Cuts Sod for Pullman Accra Airport City Hotel
UNHCR launches $2.7 billion appeal for Africa’s largest refugee crisis: South Sudan
Africa: How to Banish the Ghosts of Dead Fishing Gear From Our Seas
Africa: Trump s Africa Strategy Should Have Cast China As a Regional Partner, Not a Global Adversary
Tanzania: Is Tanzania s Banking Sector Caving In?
Kenya: Kenya s Controversial Currency Change
Ethiopia: Ethiopia Cashing in Millions From Power Export to Sudan, Djibouti
Kenya: NSE Records Low Business As Year Ends
Kenya: Nairobi County Workers Set for 15pc Pay Raise
Ethiopia: Nation Studying to Corrrect Delay in Electro-Mechanical Works At GERD
Ethiopia: African Dev t Bank Extends U.S.$15 Million Grant for Ethiopia s Agro-Industrial Parks Project
Ethiopia: Ethiopia s Industrialization Needs Human Development - UNDP Report 2018
Ethiopia: Refurbishment to Begin On Monolithic Lalibela Rock-Hewn Churches
East Africa: Horn African Countries Should Harmonize Legal Frameworks to Realize Integration
Ethiopia: Ministry, IFC to Cooperate to Support Private Sector
Funding gaps hit vital UN air service in Central African Republic
Ethiopia: Ethiopia, UAE Agree to Combat Cross-Border Financial Crimes
Ethiopia army op kills civilians in Moyale hotel, violence persists
South Africa: Former Acting Prasa CEO Claims His Life Is in Danger Over Hidden Corruption At Prasa
East Africa: Safaricom Invested Kes 100 B for Network Upgrade
Nigeria: Access-Diamond Bank M a - Banks Share Prices Skyrocket
Humanitarian groups raise alarm over attacks on health workers in northwest Syria
Nigeria: National Assembly Workers Begin Strike
South Africa: KZN Businesses to Get Equipment
Nigeria: Apapa Gridlock - Residents Vow to Shut Down Business Activities After 21-Day Ultimatum Without Solution
Nigeria: Buhari s Red Flag On the Economy
Nigeria: Government and Challenges of Power Supply
More than 6,600 migration deaths in Africa since 2013 just tip of the iceberg
Nigeria: OPS Cautions Government Against Signing Continental Free Trade Pact
Millions of Congolese languish without aid as country heads towards elections
Harka Tokkoon Ijaaraa Harka Kaaniin Diiguun Jijjiirama Hin Fidu. Araaras Hin Milkeessu
Nigeria: ENI, Shell Aware of U.S.$1.3 Billion Malabu Oil Deal - Italian Judge
Africa: Promoting Intra-African Trade
Zimbabwe: Zimpapers Makes Senior Editorial Appointments
Zimbabwe: Inflation Rises to 31%
Kenya: Court Bid to Stop New Currency Images
Kenya: Actis Acquires 88 Percent of 100mw Kipeto Wind Power Project
Kenya: Business Deals Push Mobile Money Accounts to 45m
Uganda: Govt Wants to Ban Importing Locally Made Goods
Africa: Should Africa Back World Trade Organisation Reforms?
Kenya: Cytonn Sues After Plan to Build 35-Storey Kilimani Tower Is Trashed
Kenya: Wildlife Conservation, Renewable Energy and Curriculum Reforms Top Agenda As Uhuru Meets Austrian Leader
South Africa: Police Murder-Suicide Reveals South Africa s Dark Underbelly
Nigeria: What We Told Nigerian Govt On New National Carrier - Qatar Airways CEO
Nigeria: Oil Firms Contribute to Nigeria s Economic Problems - Presidential Aide
Nigeria: APC Blames Saraki, Dogara for Protest By NASS Workers
Nigeria: Customs Revenue Hits N1.1 Trillion in 11 Months, Gets Presidential Order to Distribute Seized Goods to Orphanages
Africa: Trumps Africa Policy Opens Door for China to Expand Influence
Sudan: Sudan Crises - Students Detained, Police Transport Passengers
Sudan: Public Anger Over Economic Woes Simmers in Sudan Capital
Sudan: Wages to Rise As Fuel and Bread Prices Climb
Zimbabwe: Govt Speaks On Doctors Demands
Kenya: KQ Somali Flights Finally Take Off
Uganda: Tea Farmers Cry Out Over Falling Tea Prices
South Africa: Zimbabweans Stock Up in SA to Beat Inflation At Home
Nigeria: Govt in Talks With AfDB, World Bank to Raise N800 Million for Mass Housing
Nigeria: ASUU Strike Will Soon Be Called Off, Says Ngige
Uganda: Biggest Events That Shaped Business in 2018
Nigeria: Lagos Mulls Health Insurance Cover for Retirees
Nigeria: No Single Economist in Buhari s Cabinet - Atiku
Nigeria: National Assembly Workers Begin Strike, Cut Off Power, Water Supplies
Nigeria: Manufacturers Spend N43 Billion On Alternative Energy As Supply Improves in Industrial Clusters
Nigeria: Malabu - Eni, Shell Knew of Corrupt Payments to Nigerian Officials, Italian Judge Affirms
Nigeria: CBN Gives No Objection to Access, Diamond Banks Merger, Shares Surge
Nigeria: ASUU, Govt Talks Deadlocked, Union Stages Walk-Out
Amdom Gebreslasie of Arena Tigray, speaking truth to power
Nigeria: Living in the Dark in Rural Nigeria
Nigeria: Qatar Airways Confirms Talks With Nigeria Over National Carrier
Nigeria: Nigeria s Delay in Ratifying African Free Trade Agreement Regrettable - Obasanjo
Nigeria: It s Official - Diamond, Access Banks Merge
Nigeria: ASUU Strike - Lecturers Walk Out of Meeting With Govt Delegation
በጣም ያሳፍራል መድረክ መበጥበጥ ሀገር ሲመሩ ከነበሩ ትላልቅ ሰዎች አያምርም እስቲ እስከ መጨረሻው እዩት!
ESAT Oduu Afaan Oromoo Wiixata Dec 17 2018
ESAT Addis Ababa Amharic News Dec 17, 2018
Diinni ummata oromoo guddichi makalaakayaa jedhan sani
Anaaf siidaan bilisummaa Oromoo Amboo keessa jira.
At least a dozen civilians killed by army inside Bekele Molla Hotel in Moyale
The Global Compact on Refugees is a positive step towards a better refugee response - NGOs
Humanitarian icons 2.0: visual tools for the aid community
ESAT News In Depth A war of Words the Old Vs the New Political Forces December 17,2018
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 17, 2018
Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News December 17, 2018
KfW y el Banco Mundial contribuye €15 millones al Programa de Aseguramiento contra Riesgo Catastrófico en Centroamérica y el Caribe
Ethiopia: About 600,000 people displaced, 21 killed in Moyale
Ethiopia: Burial of former president to be conducted on Wednesday
Ethiopia:Professor Asmarom Legesse, the Eritrean academician author of “Oromo Democracy: An Indigenous African Political System,” has arrived in AddisAbeba y’day
Kenya: Interview - the Downside of Kenya s Massive Development Project
Africa: Total and CFAO Team Up to Offer Close-to-the-Customer, Premium Car Care Solutions
Africa: Undermining Human Rights of Women Trapped in Sex Trade
Waraanni hamaa Mooyyalee keessatti deemaa jira. Humni Garrii Oromootti bobbaatee jirti. Mudde 17, 2018.
Hoolala adda bilisummaa oromoo irrati deemaa jiruu waa’ee WBOn lixaa Oromiyà Getaachoo Asaafaa waliin hidhata qaba
Nearly 6,000 Afghan farming families severely hit by drought targeted for emergency aid
Namibia: All-Female Crew Makes History Piloting an Airbus A330 From Windhoek to Frankfurt and Back
UN helps to reunify abducted children with their families in South Sudan
South Africa: Police Saddened By the Loss of Two Members in Fatal Road Accidents
Mr. Obang Metho’s speech to Bahir Dar University
Nigeria: Okorocha Promises Imo NLC N1 Million Monthly
Namibia: MPs Advised to Adhere to Speed Limit
Nigeria: All-Share Index Year-to-Date Decline Hits 19.8%
Nigeria: Brooks - Young Entrepreneurs, Future of Nigeria
South Africa: Transport Start-Up Gometro Opens a UK Office and Gets New Contracts Using Its Flx Transport Data Platform
Ghana: Health Channel Launches for the Middle Aged and the Old Against a Backdrop of Difficulties in Local TV Sector
Nigeria: Non-Academic Staff of Varsities Begin Protest Over Agreement With Govt
Kenya: Angani Turns Talk Into Business As the Transition to the Cloud Begins to Take Wing
Africa: Lessons From the Massive Siemens Corruption Scandal One Decade Later
Nigeria: Again, the December Fuel Scarcity Scare
Nigeria: Ondo Women Farmers Allege Marginalisation
Nigeria: Federal Lawmakers Move to Avert Workers Strike
South Africa: Seven Arrested for Clocking Speeds Up to 173km/H in Ekurhuleni
Lives of children in Kurdistan Region of Iraq have improved, but challenges remain
Africa: Re - Publica Digital Conference Premieres in Africa
South Africa: Why South African Community s Win Against Mining Company Matters
Africa: Medium-Scale Farms Are On the Rise in Africa. Why This Is Good News
Tanzania: Air Tanzania Dismisses Reports of Nearly Empty Flights On Regional Routes
Nigeria: Govt Optimistic ASUU Strike Will End Soon
Zimbabwe: Banking Sector Boosts Profits Amid Turmoil in Rest of Economy
US$350 million appeal to address critical humanitarian needs of Palestinians launched
Zimbabwe: PLC Clears Companies Bill
Zimbabwe: Cassava Smartech Listing On Tomorrow
Zimbabwe: Chiredzi Farmers Appeal for Fuel
Zimbabwe: Overwhelmed Senior Doctors Join Junior Colleagues On Strike
Nigeria: Access, Diamond Banks Sign Agreement to Merge
An Obstruction of Justice charge has yet to be filed against the TPLF’s Executive Committee Members
THANK YOU All 2,819 Donors Who Helped Us Raise One-Half Million Dollars for the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund!
Nigeria: CBN Reads Riot Act to Banks On Fraud Reporting
Nigeria: Stakeholders Strategies for Re-Awakening Nigeria s Cocoa Economy
Nigeria: Nigerians Assured of Improved Broadband Connectivity
Nigeria: Unity Bank Wins CBN Sustainable Transaction of the Year in Agriculture Award
THANK YOU All 2,819 Donors Who Helped Us Raise One-Half Million Dollars for the Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund!
TPLF’s Dangerous Game: Changing the Narrative
Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News December 16, 2108
Mie’ffataan shan liqeeffataa jetti Oromoon-Opdon Lola mo’uu hin dandeenye banuuf Qophii irra Akka jiru Beekame. 
Shortlists for CAF Awards 2018
FARAQAADHUMAAN jijiraman malee TEAM Tokkicha
A Bridge Across Two Struggles: The African American and Oromo Movements
An Obstruction of Justice charge has yet to be filed against the TPLF’s Executive Committee Members
115,000 ዶላር አንቦ ላይ በጭነት መኪና ላይ ተያዘ:-ለመሆኑ ይሄ ነገር የእውነትኛ ነው ወይስ የህወሃት ሰዎች ማተመሚያም አብረው ይዘዋል ይሄ የምን ጉዱ ነው ?
Oduu ammee-Braeking News:Dhiha Oromiyaa Wallaggaa-Aaana Qondaalaa irraa Oaraaliin waraanaa motummaa Itoopiyaa lama waraana lafoon ajjabamanii gara aanaa Begetti Imalanii jiraachuu isaanii jiratoni Nuf ibsaani Jiru
Violent Qemant dispute fueling explosive Amhara-Tigray divide
Dhiha Oromiyaa Wallaggaa-Aaana Qondaalaa irraa Oaraaliin waraanaa motummaa Itoopiyaa lama waraana lafoon ajjabamanii gara aanaa Begetti Imalanii jiraachuu isaanii maddeen ONNf aanaa qondaalaa irraa gabaasanii jiran.
ESAT Tikuret Habtamu with Ato Solomon Zewdie Part 2 Sun 08 Dec 2018
Humanitarian Coordinator expresses concern amidst escalation of violence in the West Bank
East Africa: Fish Imported Into East Africa From China Fails Toxic Minerals Test
Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Admits Currency Chaos
ESAT Radio Sun 16 Dec 2018
Ethiopian Double in Kolkota
Raajii Finfinnee Fi Hattuu: Hattuun Dur Waan Namaa Yoo Hattee Abbaan Qabeeyaa Arge Dhiistee Dheessiti.
ONN LIVE: Muddee 16 2018 – Gaaddisa Dhugaa: Godina Shawaa Bahaa Ona Dugdaa magaalaa Maqiitti Sirna Simannaa Jila ABO fi Baniinsa Waajjira ABO
Waajjira ABO Shawwaa Kaabaa, aanaa Dagam Ijoolleen Salaalee baga gammaddan! Maddi suuraa: Fuul-barruu Lammii Beenyaati
GEN 10: Distance Prodigy Selemon Barega of Ethiopia
Lolli Moyyaalee Guyyaa tokkoof kaleesaa dhaabbatee Oole ammaan kana jalqabe Dhukaasi deemaa jira amma
RSWO – Muddee 16, 2018: Duguuginsi Sanyii Kibbaafi Lixa Oromiyaa Keessatti Itti-fufee Jiraachuu || Dhaamsa RSWO
Jalduu koo  Guyyaa har’a ABOn waajjira isaa Jaldutti saaqqateera. WBO sirna kanarratti argamaniiru.
ANAADHUFU :- Ambaasaaddar Suleeymaan Daddafoo
Kenya: Tough Balancing Act for Kenya As China and U.S. Battle for Its Heart
Zimbabwe: Striking Doctors Forced to Use Condoms as Protective Gloves
ESAT Weekly News Dec 16, 2018
Weakened Ahly overcome latecomers Jimma in CAF Clash
ESAT Weekly News Dec 16, 2018
ADB to boost rebuilding in southern Philippine city of Marawi
ESAT Qophii Dhimma Keenyaa Bafqaaduu with Prof. Asfawu Bayyanaa Sat 15 Dec 2018
ESAT Hulentenawi Eyita ESAT day In okland CA Dec 2018
Expunging Ethiopian football’s Eritrean legacy
ESAT Awde Filsfina Reeyot with Dr. Tedla and Dr. Abreham on Identity politics Sat 15 Dec 2018
ESAT Yetibeb Kana 15 December 2018
Tensae Radio Dec 15 2018
ESAT Radio Sat 15 Dec 2018
ONN : Simannaa Jila ABO Dubbataa Dhaabaa Jaal Toleeraa Adabaa Fi M-Sh-G-G-S Jaal Gaashu Lammeesaatin durfamuuf magaalaa Shaambuu fi Finca’aa tti taasifame Onk. 2018
ESAT Radio Wed 12 Dec 2018
Ethiopia jails soldiers who marched on PM palace to up to 14 years
South Africa: Dead Sailor Whose Yacht Washed Ashore in KZN Identified As French National
ONN: Dr Kedida Show: Marii Professor Badhasa fi Dr Koste Abdissa Waliin Goone.
Waajjirri Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo Godina Wallagga Bahaa magaalaa Naqamteetti bifa ho’aan eebbifame.
Nigeria: FG Sues Shell, Eni U.S.$1.1 Billion Over Malabu Oil Deal
Sagalee Qeerroo:Waraana mootummaan Itoophiyaa uummata Oromoo irratti bane jabaatee itti fufuun Kibba Oromiyaa Magaalaa Moyyaaleefi Baha Oromiyaa Aanaa Cinaaksanitti miidhaan ulfaataan uummata Oromoorra ga’aa jira.
XIIQII: Filmiin imala qabsoo agarsiisu kan qabsooftuu Seenaa Solomoonin hojjatane dilbata kana galma Aadaa Oromootti eebbifama. Irraa hin hafinaa.
Girma Wolde-Giorgis dies at the age of 94. He was the President of Ethiopia from 2001 to 2013.
The Topmost Anti Oromo Intelligence and Police Officers in TPLF Government.
Qophii simannaa WBO guyyaa boruuf Magaalaan jalduu akkasin Qopha’aa Jirti
Ethiopia jails soldiers who marched on PM palace to up to 14 years
2018 for Ethiopia’s Oromos: Power, pain, protests [Review]
Ethiopia: Whose militia are those people? This is Moyale massacar under OPDO-EPRDF administration. What’s the difference between OPDO and woyane?
Statue of ‘racist’ Gandhi removed from Ghana university campus
Akka odeessi jettutti Ambaasaadderummaa dhaan biyya alaa kan jiranAtattamaan dhiyaadhaa jedhaman!
AMMEE! Hogganoonni TPLF kan qopheessan walgahiin haalli biyyattiin keessa jirtu garamitti akka deemaa jiru gamaaggama jedhame tokko Yuniversiitii Maqaleetti geggeeffamaa jira.
South Africa: President Appoints Eskom Sustainability Task Team
South Africa: Nugent Commission Submits Final Report to the President
Nigeria: KEDCO Committed to Addressing Energy Theft, Economic Loss in 2019
Nigeria: KRPC Not Upgraded Since 1982 - MD
Nigeria: Kaduna Contractors Protest Over N1.2 Billion Debt
Nigeria: Volatility Persists As Stock Market Plunges Further By 0.24%
Nigeria: Don t Blame Govt for Poor Power Supply - Fashola
Nigeria: Nigeria s Active Telephone Subscription Hits 169 Million
Seychelles: Eyeing New Tourism and Trade, Seychelles Signs Air Agreements With Eight Countries
Africa: U.S., China Plus Russia in Africa - Will It Mean a Best Deal for Africans?
Nigeria: Local Content - NCC to Fund Research in Tertiary Institutions
Africa: United States - U.S. Unveils Plan to Counter Russia, China Influence in Africa
Nigeria: Barriers Against Women Must Be Pulled Down - Sirleaf
ESAT Oduu Afaan Oromoo Jimaata Dec 14 2018
ESAT Addis Ababa Amharic News Dec 14, 2018
21 killed in ethnic violence in Ethiopia
Security Council authorizes one-year extension of cross-border aid deliveries targeting 13 million in Syria
Waraanni Makkalaakayaa Magaalaa Mooyyalee keessatti Poolisii Oromiyaa tokko dabalatee namoota 7 ajjeessuu gabaafame
Mooyyaletti hardhallee nama 15 fixan, Nageellee Booranaatii haga Taltalleetti ummatii bahee akka mootummaan nagaa eeguuf iyyateef
Akka Oromoon Itti Jiru….! Naannawaa FInfinneetti.
ESAT Radio Thur 13 Dec 2018
EU signs contracts of 57.5 million Euros with UN to support Mosul recovery
Ethiopia’s Torture Problem and the Court of Public Opinion
Baga gammaddan bagas geesan: Mana keenya, waajira saba baldhaa oromoo kan isa haqnii keessaa ifu banamuu isaatiif baga gammadani..
ሰበር ዜና: የኦሮሚያ ሚዲያ ኔትዎርክ ከአፍሪካ አንደኛ የተባለለትን የሚዲያ ተቋም በፊንፊኔ-አዲስ አበባ በ5000 ካሬ ሜትር ላይ በ10 ሚሊዮ ን ዶላር ሊገነባ ነው
Suuraa fi Wareegamtoota Aanaa Jalduu (Giddu Galeessa Oromiyaa)
ESAT Qophii Argaa-Dhageettii Fri 14 Dec 2018
Tensae Radio Dec 14 2018
Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam with Sisay Agena, on current Ethiopian affairs
ESAT News in English Fri 14 Dec 2018
ESAT Eletawi Fri 14 Dec 2018
ESAT News In The Ugly Truths Of The Nile Dam Project December 14,2018
Se lanza Plan de Emergencia para refugiados y migrantes de Venezuela
Ethiopia: “Country’s displaced must not be forgotten,” says ICRC president
Ethiopian troops decamp posts at Eritrea border
Ethiopia moving troops from Eritrean border amid new peace
Ethiopia’s Torture Problem and the Court of Public Opinion
Ethiopia: Remembering the Anuak Massacre
CARE scales up its response to the Venezuela crisis and warns that women are facing unprecedented suffering
South Africa: Calling All Aspiring Animators - Take This First Step in Following Your Dream!
OMN: Hiriirri Guyyaa Borii Finfinneetti Waamame Hafuu Ilaalchisee Ibsa Koree Qindeessitootaa Irraa Kenname (Mudde 14, 2018)
Manni Hidhaa “ Jeel Ogadeen” Jedhamu Keessa Leenca fi Waraabeessa akkasumas Bineensii Lafa Irra Lo’uutu Jira: Hidhamaa Achii Ba’e
A Billionaire Vanished for 400 Days and His Empire Boomed
Ukraine crisis disproportionately affecting older people
Increase in record-dry months for Africa s Sahel worries scientists
South Africa: Another Video Streaming Service Launches in SA and It s Perfect for Fans of British Telly
Zimbabwe: Intratrek Wins U.S.$25 Million Lawsuit
Namibia: Kaspersky Predicts Further Decline for Blockchain Currencies in 2019
Namibia: Beware of Identity Theft
Namibia: Economy Remains Depressed for 10th Consecutive Quarter Since 2016
Nigeria: Nama Commences Flight Calibration of Navigational Aids
UNHCR warns of massive shelter needs among DR Congo’s displaced
Nigeria: Buhari s Government Hasn t Spent a Penny On Refineries - Kachikwu
UN Rights Chief calls for measures to prevent further violence ahead of crucial DRC election
Zimbabwe: Natpharm to Open Retail Outlets
Zimbabwe: Banking Sector Posts 77% Profit Jump
Zimbabwe: Suspended State Broadcaster Boss Contests U.S.$1 Million Suit
Nigeria: Maritime Stakeholders Decry Sector s Poor Contribution to GDP
Kenya: Nairobians Wake Up to Flooded Roads As Sonko Fails to Fix Drainage - Photos
Kenya: Demolition of Unsafe Buildings Stalls Over Lack of Funds
Zimbabwe: When Debt Becomes Rotten Fruit
Uganda: MPs to Investigate BoU Directors Wealth
Kenya: Toyota Controls 57% Share of All Vehicle Sales in Kenya
South Africa: Jacob Zuma Joins Social Media Because Many People Are Talking About Me
South Africa: Woman Killed, Passengers Injured As Taxi Swerves Out of Control At Intersection in Rosebank, Joburg
South Africa: Cyber Security Campaign Taken to Rural Areas
Kenya: SRC to Appeal Ruling on MCAs Higher Perks
South Africa: ANC Gauteng Sends Vbs Mayors to Integrity Commission
Uganda: New Phone App to Help Farmers Get Insurance
Uganda: Government Introduces Volunteer Scheme for Fresh Graduates
Kenya: Relief as Mtongwe Ferry Services Resume
South Africa: Backyarders Complain of City s Incomplete Toilet Installation
South Africa: VBS Saga - Hawks Investigate Seven Former Limpopo Mayors
Nigeria: Nigeria Files U.S.$1 Billion Suit Against Shell, ENI In UK
Africa: Remarks by National Security Advisor Ambassador John R. Bolton on the The Trump Administration s New Africa Strategy
Kenya: Kenya Seeks Help to Attain Road Safety Goals
Nigeria: NCC Gives Reasons for Suspending Frequency Bands Licensing
Africa: Fact Sheet - President Donald J. Trump s Africa Strategy Advances Prosperity, Security, and Stability
Kenya: Lapsset, Coal Plant Revamp Kililana Into Investors Paradise
Kenya: Five Rescued From Collapsed Mombasa Building
Kenya: Moody s Predicts Deficit Will Hit 6.5% of the GDP
Kenya: Shoprite Takes Nakumatt Space at Westgate Mall
Nigeria: Challenges of Greenfield Seaports Development
Nigeria: Buhari s Government Favours 65 Years Retirement Age for Teachers
Nigeria: Improving Access to Affordable Housing By the Common Man
Kenya: We Are Not Scared of Taxes, Declare New Entrants
Kenya: Demolition of Grand Manor Hotel Underway in Gigiri, Nairobi
Tanzania: Attracting Foreign Investments for Growth of Capital Market
Nigeria: New Investments in Key Sectors to Drive Nigeria, Norway Trade Ties
Nigeria: Passenger Traffic Rises By 6.3%
Nigeria: Dana Wins Award
Uganda: Construction Works On Two Rubanda Roads Start
Rwanda: YouthConnekt - Youth Tipped on Savings Culture
Kenya: Last Minute Dash By Owner Salvages Valuables at Grand Manor Hotel
Kenya: Asante Kotoko Unhappy With Poor Training Ground, Substandard Team Bus in Nairobi
Nigeria: NCC Moves to Order Telecom Operators to Refund Illegal Deductions From Subscribers
Nigeria: Maritime Industry Has Capacity to Drive Economy
Nigeria: Telcos, Banks in Denial As SIM Swap Fraudsters Empty Accounts
Kenya: Demolition of Grand Manor Hotel Underway in Gigiri
Tanzania: Tanzanian Banks Lose U.S.$107 Million As Business Gets Tough
Nigeria: Minimum Wage - Governors to Meet Buhari for Final Resolution
Kenya: KoT Roast BBC Over Headline on New Coins
Zimbabwe: Government, Junior Doctors Meeting Fails to End Strike Deadlock
Zimbabwe: Govt Partially Fulfils Doctors Demands
Mozambique: Bank of Mozambique Cuts Interest Rates
Mozambique: U.S.$60 Million Dollars a Year Lost to Illegal Fishing
Mozambique: Over 135,000 Vehicles Used Suspension Bridge in First Month
Kenya: NTSA Summons Rogue Matatu Driver and Conductor for Carrying Excess Passengers
Kenya: Fire Razes Down Popular Entertainment Spot in Pipeline
Nigeria: Govt Working On Early Implementation of New Minimum Wage
East Africa: Regional Integration is About Give and Take, Not Just Taking - Kagame
Kenya: Hotel Near UN Offices in Gigiri Brought Down
Rwanda: How the 2017 Umushyikirano Resolutions Were Implemented
Kenya: Demolition of Grand Manor Hotel in Gigiri Underway
Saudi-Ethiopian Billionaire ‘Still Alive’ and Charged With Graft
ESAT Radio Thur 13 Dec 2018
ESAT News in English Thur 13 Dec 2018
Yetimihirt Bilichita – Dr Tadesse Biru Good followership. 13 Dec 2018
Destinar los recursos necesarios puede salvar a 2 de cada 3 recién nacidos
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 13, 2018
There Is NO Government In Ethiopia-No Military or Police Force too!
According to research, heatwaves, droughts and floods among recent weather extremes linked to climate change
Truce agreed over key Yemeni port city of Hudaydah
Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News December 13, 2018
ESAT Eletawi Thu 13 Dec 2018
ESAT News In Depth The Unspeakable Crimes Of TPLF December 13,2018
ESAT Addis Ababa Amharic News Dec 13, 2018
Ethiopia: Is it sign of despair to cry foul over the shoulder of religion representatives??
OMN: Godaanisa Qabsoo (Mudde 13, 2018)
Finfinnee: A city is more than a place. It is a space of political action. And the people have a right to this space.
Ethiopia: MPs visit notorious jail
Placing IDPs on the map in Ethiopia and beyond
Eritrean president pays first visit to Somalia
For the first time in decades, there are no Ethiopian journalists in prison
ወደ ቤተ መንግስት አቅንቶ ከነበሩት ወታደሮች 66ቱ ፍርዳቸውን አገኙ
Ethiopian PM vows to bring human rights violators to justice
Africa: U.S. Takes Aim at China With New Africa Strategy
ESAT Meade Esat Dec 13 , 2018
ESAT Oduu Afaan Oromoo Kamisa Dec 13 2018
Kenya: Safaricom Lost U.S.$195,000 fo Fraudsters This Year
Southern Africa: SADC Youth Forum Kicks Off in Windhoek
Liberia: NCCC Receives U.S.$500 to Construct Dormitory, Staff Quarters
Liberia: MYS Clarifies Construction of Concentration Camps Report
Liberia: TJAL Enterprise Launches New Agro-Inputs Business
Liberia: Dismissed Arcelormittal Mine Workers Cry for Justice
Liberia: GoL, KFW Sign U.S.$14 Million Financing Instrument to Pave Ganta-Zwedru Road
Aid agencies seek $1.5 billion to reach 5.7 million South Sudanese with life-saving help
South Africa: Man Arrested Following Clash Between Fired Cape Town Myciti Drivers and Police
South Africa: Questions Answers About the National Minimum Wage
South Africa: No Load Shedding Over the Festive Season
Angola: EU Donates U.S.$2.2 Million for Training of Entrepreneurs
Nigeria: President Buhari to Present 2019 Budget Next Week
Nigeria: Untold Story of MTN s Illicit Repatriation of Billions of Dollars From Nigeria
Nigeria: Privatising Kaduna Refinery Not Best Option, KRPC MD Tells Reps
Tanzania: Teachers Voice Concern Over Retirement Benefits
Half of Syria’s children have grown up only seeing violence as conflict nears eight-year mark
South Africa: After More Than a Decade of Capture, Eskom May Finally Succeed in Breaking the Public Purse
Malawi: Unicef, TNM Launch Internet of Good Things
Nigeria: Pengassan Vows to Resist Sale of Refineries
Tanzania: President Magufuli Reveals Struggle to Secure Stiegler s Project
Tanzania: Inflation Drops to 3% in November
Tanzania: Stiegler s Project Means Cheaper Energy, JPM Says
Kenya: NTSA Suspends 200 Drivers Licenses in Enhanced Crackdown
Violence displaces more than 50,000 in western Niger this year
Kenya: Road Deaths Grossly Under-Reported - WHO
Africa: Kenya Beats Other Countries to Install Solar System at Airport
Migrants face life and death struggle on Horn of Africa route
የፍትህ ሰቆቃ – በኢትዮጵያ ሲፈጸሙ በነበሩ የሰብዓዊ መብት ጥሰቶች ዙሪያ ተሰራ ዶክመንተሪ
Har’a Dr Mararaan badhaasa OSA kan bara 2018 argatan. Pirezedaantii OSA bara darbee Dr Tafarii Margoo harkaa waajjira isaaniitti fudhatan.
Waadaan Araaraa fi Nageenyaa Gama ABOtiin Hin Jigu ! (Ibsa ABO – Mudde 13, 2018)
Eritrea president in Somalia for official visit, will proceed to Kenya
ያቤሎ ሞያሌ የኦሮምያ መንግሥት ና የፌዴራል መንግስት የኦሮሞን ግድያ ማስቆም አልቻለም በሚል ትላንት በሞያሌ በተፈጠረው ግጭት ሳቢያ ለተቃውሞ ወጥተዋል
South Africa: Why Are the Lights Off At Prasa?
Nigeria: Arik Restores Warri, Gombe, MM2 Operators
Sudan: White Nile Teachers Strike Over Pay Arrears
Ethiopia: Ethiopia Says GERD Needs 4 Years to Be Completed
Swaziland: COSATU to Help Evicted Swazi Sugar Cane Farmers
South Africa: Liquid Receives U.S.$180 Million for Network Expansion
Africa: Crystal Ball Africa Conference Set for January
Ghana: 133 Ecobank Customers Rewarded in Maiden Xpress Money Promotion Draw
Ghana: Ghana, Japan Sign U.S.$57 Million Deal for Rehabilitation of Roads
Ghana: Parts of Kumasi Mall Roof Cave in
South Africa: Civil Society Calls for Debate On UN Recommendations to Govt On Social and Economic Transformation
Ghana: Obuasi NHIs Unveils New Mobile Renewal Policy
Sudan: Muttaz Meets Delegation of Moroccan Manajim Mining Company
Malawi: U.S. Govt Approves Second Development Compact With Malawi
Tanzania: Kigoma to Build Regional Cassava Market
Tanzania: Abide By E-Payment System, Otherwise - Govt
Tanzania: Shilling Battles for Stability Amid Uncertainty
Tanzania: More Investment in the Education Sector Needed
Tanzania: TBs Reinforces Surveillance
Tanzania: Bot to Review Further Bureau De Change Rules
Kenya: Kenya Mobile Money Fraud Decreasing
Zimbabwe: Armyworm Invades Chipinge
After five years of fighting in South Sudan, 15,000 children are missing or separated from family
Namibia: Climate-Smart Agriculture for Climate Change
Namibia: Make Money or Cut Costs
Namibia: Economy Not Out of the Woods Yet
Namibia: Govt Compensates Farmers for Livestock
Tanzania: Activists Want More Jobs for Women
Zimbabwe: Ecobank Gives Back to Society
Zimbabwe: NetOne Commissions New Base Station At Wimbo Shrine
Zimbabwe: Seed Producer Invests U.S.$10 Million in Dryers
Zimbabwe: Teacher Shortage Hits Mashonaland West
South Africa: A Surprise Pop-Up Puts a Fresh Spin on Festive Season Drinking and Driving, Walking in South Africa
Africa: China Buys Up East Africa Soybean
Africa: East Africa s Investment Policies Hurting Foreign Inflows Into Region
Kenya: Sustainable Tree Farming Means Better Lives for Kenyan Farmers
Rwanda: Economy Grows By 7.7% in Third Quarter
Kenya: Patients Continue Suffering as Nurses Strike Bites
Iraq s displaced stuck in camps have no hope for future
Zimbabwe: Striking Teachers Continue 275km Mutare-Harare March
Zimbabwe: Doctors Strike - Situation At Hospitals Appalling
Kenya: Kenyatta Raps State Agencies for Frustrating SMEs
Tanzania: Wma Certifies 2,300 Cashew Weighing Scales, Rejects 1,500 Others
Tanzania: Pay the Fine or Go to Jail, Court Tells Bus Owner
Zimbabwe: Mutumwa Mawere Set for Parliament Appearance?
Africa: Maiden IATF Begins With Calls for Pro-Africa Integration Talks
Africa: Tibor P. Nagy, Jr. Speaks on Promoting U.S. Interests in Africa
Rwanda: Rwanda to Spend U.S.$1.3 Billion on Railway Project
Rwanda: Proposed Isaka-Kigali Railway Could Be Extended to Rubavu
Rwanda: Relief As Tanzania Moves to Ease Doing Business for Rwandan Traders
Rwanda: Bafakulera Joins Comesa Board
Africa: Airlines to Register Net Loss of U.S.$300 Milion in 2019
Nearly 30 million sick and premature newborns in dire need of treatment every year
Rwanda: World Bank Projects Economy to Grow By 7.2%
Latest World Humanitarian Data and Trends report focuses on crises and assistance
Delivering on the ambition of the World Humanitarian Summit
Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News December 12, 2018
Meeting my Torturers!
Ethiopia Rising [by Yilma Bekele]
Afaan Oromoo Afaan Federaala ta’uu ilaalchisee gaafii gaafatameef deebii Dr.Abiy Ahmed
Esat Poleticachin Part 2 Wed 12 Dec 2018
ESAT Oduu Afaan Oromoo Roobii Dec 12 2018
ESAT Addis Ababa Amharic News Dec 12, 2018
ESAT News in English Wed 12 Dec 2018
ESAT Argaa Dhageettii Wed 12 Dec 2018
Donantes de ACNUR comprometen un récord de US $926 millones iniciales ara las personas refugiadas, desplazadas internas y apátridas en 2019
የኦህዴድ ሹመኞችና ካድሬዎቻቸው ፊንፊኔ ላይ ሰልፍ ከተወጣ ችግር ይፈጠራል፣ጉዳት ይደርሳል ብለው እንደፈሩ ይገልፃሉ።
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 12, 2018
The gruesome TPLF crime in Ethiopia (Walta Information)
CERF allocates $10 million to support regional Ebola response in central Africa
USAID suspends food aid in Southern Ethiopia
Ethiopia: Documentary exposes heinous torture of prisoners by TPLF interrogators
Mooyyaleetti waraanni cimaan deema jira . Mooyyaleen balbala tokkicha Oromoon guutuun Adunyaa biraa ittiin qunnamuuf qabdudha.
ESAT Eletawi Wed 12 Dec 2018
UNHCR donors commit record US$926 million in initial pledges for refugees, internally displaced and stateless people in 2019
በአዲስ አበባ ቅዳሜና እሁድ ይካሄዳል የሚባለው ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ዕውቅና የሌለው መሆኑን ፖሊስ ገለጸ
ESAT Yederegetse Dassesa December 12,2018
Mauritius: Minister Bodha Highlights Importance of International Standards for Road Safety
Tanzania: Rufiji Hydropower Project Deal Signed At State House
Sudan: Bakri Briefed On Activities of Sudanese Date Palm Society
Namibia: Moody s Maintains Negative Outlook
Africa: Afreximbank s Virtual Intra-African Trade Fair Goes Live
Namibia: Diamond Companies Donate to the Homeless Shelter Initiative
Africa: Afreximbank, Heirs Holdings Sign U.S.$600 Million Financing Agreement
Africa: First Intra-African Trade Fair Opens, With Call for Initiatives That Drive AfCFTA
Nigeria: Nigerian Govt Moves to Increase Mass Housing
Africa: East Africa Region Slips in Financial Inclusion
Tanzania: More Buses Licensed to Operate From Dar This Christmas Season
Tanzania: Sumatra, Police Suspend 24 Upcountry Buses From Travelling Over Various Faults
Tanzania: Tanzania Signs Contract for Steigler s Gorge Major Hydroelectricity Project
Africa: Tanzania Signs Over 2.6 Billion Worth Hydro-Power Project, Set to Be Largest in East Africa
Tanzania: Indian Firm Wanted to Buy Cashews From Tanzania for U.S.$1 Per Kilogramme
Namibia: Rundu Maternity Ward Still Incomplete
Kenya: Sonko Seeks Chinese Help on Nairobi s Traffic Headache
Kenya: Three Dead As Car Veers Off Mbagathi Way - Photos
በእስር ቤት ውስጥ ሰቆቃና ግፍ ለተፈጸመባቸው ካሳ ሊጠየቅ ነው
Godaannisa bara kamuu Oromoon hin fayyine Wayyaaneen Bulguu dha!
Finfinnee Protests, counting down to the 15th of December 2018. Justice for Oromo Farmers-Oromia!
Nigeria: GDPR - How the Law Could Affect Nigerian Companies
Nigeria: Why We Cannot Place NSDP Cadets On board Nigerian Vessels - NIMASA
Nigeria: Illegal Miners Take Over As Nigeria Ignores Solid Minerals Sector
Nigeria: FBN Launches Chat Banking to Ease Transactions
Nigeria: MTN - Again, Court Adjourns Hearing On Alleged Illegal Repatriation
Nigeria: Despite Challenges, Manufacturers Express Confidence in Nigeria s Economy
Namibia: Namibia Slightly Out of Junk - Moody s
Tanzania: TRA Deflects Query On New Property Tax Rates
East Africa: East Africa Community Traders Advised to Patent Products
Nigeria: Experts Sue for Full Implementation of Trade Facilitation Agreement
Nigeria: Oil Price Fluctuations, Investors Apathy, Election Spending Swinging Naira Value
Nigeria: Unilever Gives N18m Grant for Waste Management
Nigeria: We ll Disgrace Governors Owing Salaries At Airports
Nigeria: Govt Will Reverse Budget Benchmark If Oil Price Drops Below U.S.$60
Nigeria: There Will Be Uninterrupted Fuel Supply During Xmas - PPPRA
Sudan: Sudan Forex - U.S. Dollar Passes SDG 70 Mark On Khartoum Streets
Ghana: Policy Dialogue On Petroleum Ends At Apollo
Ghana: Game Opens Two Megastores in Accra
South Africa: DTI to Launch Revised BPS
South Africa: No Load Shedding On Wednesday
Africa: SA Attends AU Trade Ministers Meeting
Ethiopia: Wegagen Scores Massive Profit but Leaves Some Shareholders Questioning
Ethiopia: Under the Right Circumstances, Money Brings Happiness
Ethiopia: Agency Takes Power of Attorney Services Online
Ethiopia: Youth in Agriculture, Key to Developing Economies
Ethiopia: Nation s Second Toll Road Nears Completion
Ethiopia: State Bank Undergoes Major Reshuffle
Ethiopia: Better to Create Jobs Than Offer Them
Ethiopia: Responsible Citizenship, Indispensable to Social Media Age
Ethiopia: Ethiopia Loses 14.3 Billion Br to Franco Valuta
South Africa: Are Richard s Bay Coal Exports the Cause of SA s Current Power Crisis?
Nigeria: Rubokya - a Kuje Community Groans Over Lack of Bridge Across River
Nigeria: The New Dawn in Nigerian Mining Sector
Nigeria: PenCom and the Challenges of Motley Ghosts
Ethiopia: Ethiopia s Soil Can Boost Forex Revenue
Ethiopia: Power Agency Lights up Gonder With 246 Million Br
Ethiopia: Divestment Burgeons United s Performance
Ethiopia: Enat, TDP to Back SMEs
Ethiopia: Adama Receives Satellite Monitoring Station
Ethiopia: Distributed Energy Systems - Best Path for Poverty Reduction
Ethiopia: Govt Inaugurates Another Industrial Park
Kenya: Court Allows City Hall to Demolish Grand Manor Hotel in Gigiri
Nigeria: Mtoy - Addressing Challenges of Teachers, Teaching in Nigeria
Nigeria: Nigeria s Economy in Dire Straits, Ositelu Warns
Nigeria: Of ASUU and Endless Strikes
Nigeria: N4bn Unpaid Salaries - Tasued Staff Seek Buhari s Intervention
South Africa: Man Severely Injured After Being Hit By Train in Western Cape
Tanzania: Comprehensive Cashew Processing Starts
Tanzania: Govt Urged to Review Taxes On Seaweed
Tanzania: NMB Promotes Cashless Economy
Uganda: Thailand to Mechanise Uganda s Rice Production
Uganda: Parliament Rejects Museveni Call for Secret Bank of Uganda Probe
Zimbabwe: Judgment On Chivayo s Lawsuit Expected
Zimbabwe: Govt Dismisses Awkward US Dollar Wage Demands By Striking Doctors
Uganda: Nebbi-Vurra Road Yet to Be Tarmacked Eight Years After Museveni s Pledge
Ethiopia: Nation s Export Hurdles Remain Unsolved, Says Ministry of Trade and Industry
Zimbabwe: Doctors Praised for Calling Off Strike
South Africa: Probe Into SA Mobile Services Welcomed
Kenya: Atwoli Reads Scam in Low-Cost Housing Plan
Kenya: Over 90% of Roads Are Not Tarmacked, Report Shows
Southern Africa: Eight Zimbabweans Killed in Crash in South Africa
Zimbabwe: Illegal Fuel Dealers Face Arrest
Kenya: Ethiopian Airlines Starts Cargo Exports From Eldoret Airport
Kenya: KenGen Investors Raise Concerns Over Sh15.5 Billion Kenya Power Debt
Uganda: Uganda in Trade Surplus With Neighbours - BoU
Uganda: Entebbe Leaders Demand Construction of Flyovers On Express Highway
Rwanda: Rubavu Residents Upbeat as Works on Proposed Lake Kivu Port Commence
Kenya: Why Kenyans Would Have Loved New Notes Instead
Rwanda: Rwanda, Tanzania Ministers Meet in Kigali to Fast-Track Rail Project
Rwanda: NAEB Launches Fruit Project to Shore Up Agricultural Exports
Africa: Employ Digital Technology to Boost Intra-Africa Trade, Kenyatta Says
Mozambique: Govt Discovers 30,000 Ghost Workers
Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News December 11, 2018
Ilmaan Oromoo yuunivarsiitii Dabra Maarqos keessaa baratan, gudiraa ulfaataa keessatti argamu.
Prisedent Lammaa Magarsaa Eenyu? Eeysatti barate? Yoom barate? Maal hojjachaa ture?
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 11, 2018
Se lanza en Panamá ‘Somos lo Mismo’, campaña de solidaridad destinada a refugiados y migrantes
ESAT Eletawi Tue 11 Dec 2018
Los rastros digitales podrían poner en peligro a las personas que reciben asistencia humanitari
ESAT DC Daily News 11 December 2018
UN experts concerned by crackdown on protests after election in Cameroon
Naajjo! Waraanni duraa Asoossarra kaate,mandii qaxxaamura ture!
Ethiopia: New report shows progress in expanding HIV treatment
Ethiopia lost $36B in illicit financial flows
Africa: London School of Economics and HEC Paris join forces for Leadership 2030 program
Plan to support Syrian refugees and hosts as number of newborns reaches one million
ESAT Addis Ababa Amharic News Dec 11, 2018
ESAT Oduu Afaan Oromoo Kibxara Dec 11 2018
Hubachiisa!Loltuu saba Oromoorratti kan bobbaasaa jiru Biiroo Dr. Abiy Ahmed’ dha. Kunis biiroo Prezedaantii Nananoo Oromiyaa kan Lammaa Magarsaan durfamuun walqabateeti.
Tanzania: BoT Must Pay Attention to Issues Raised By IMF
Uganda: Bou Officials Disagree Over Crane Bank Capitalisation
Uganda: Bobi Wine,VPN, Mowzey Radio Top Uganda s Google Searches in 2018
Africa: Switch to Clean Energy and Save $500 Million, Aid Agencies Told
Africa: Fossil Fuel Tax Proposed to Cover Rising Costs of Wild Weather
South Africa: I Have Been Doing Wonderfully for SABC - Hlaudi Motsoeneng
South Africa: Have Your Say On Financial Institutions Bill
Kenya: Kenya Struggles to Give Life to Futuristic Silicon Savannah City
South Africa: Gauteng Company Eager to Score Deals At IATF
South Africa: DPSA to Launch E-Recruitment System
South Africa: Festive Season Advice for Consumers
ESAT Weekly News Dec 09, 2018
Ghana: Colgate Palmolive Launches New Sachet Toothpaste
Ghana: Tullow Oil Seeking Partners to Acquire New Block
Ghana: COCOBOD Financial Loss Case - Counsel Says Certificate for Agricult Ghana Was Renewed
ESAT Eletawi Mon 10 Dec 2018
South Africa: Ramaphosa Is Missing an Economic Policy. What Needs to Be in It
Plan to support Syrian refugees and hosts as number of newborns reaches one million
Tanzania: Tobacco Production Drops
Cameroon: 2017 Tax Revenue - Reforms Lead to Collection of Over Fcfa 2,000 Billion
Cameroon: Youth Employment - National Employment Fund Creates More Opportunities
Cameroon: Construction of Drainages in Douala - CUD Calls for Participative Management
Plan to support Syrian refugees and hosts as number of newborns reaches one million
Kenya: To Achieve Universal Healthcare, Kenya Must Invest More in Its Nurses
TPLF chief brands Ethiopia PM ‘anti-reformist’ at regional rally
OMN: Oduu Guyyaa Mud. 11, 2018
Congo-Brazzaville: Congo, U.S. Sign Air Transport Agreement
East Africa: EA Cement Makers Fortunes Fall As Deep-Pocketed Players Come Calling
Southern Africa: El Nino Is Bringing Drought Threats for Business in Southern Africa
East Africa: EAC in Crackdown On Illegal Forex Trading
Ethiopian Airlines Launches Services to Manchester
One in 60 people worldwide is caught up in a crisis and urgently needs help
Ghana: RwandAir to Use Accra Hub to Feed Its Direct Flights to the U.S.
Africa: African Carriers Face Reduced Cargo Demand
Ethiopia: Ethiopia Benefits From Reforms
Kenya: Uhuru Launches New Coins - Here Are Things to Know
Namibia: Namibia Looks to Attract More Chinese Investment
Africa: From Mangoes to Maize, Climate Change Brings New Hunger Threats
Kenya: DCI Defies Court Order On Social Media Use
Kenya: Jackie Maribe, Samantha Sex Doll Among Kenya s Top Google 2018 Searches
Uganda: How Digital Platforms Are Being Used Promote Integrity
Ghana: Enhanced Trade and Investment Between Ghana and EU Paramount in Attaining Ghana Beyond Aid Agenda - - Vice President
Africa: President Akufo-Addo Commissions Biggest Baby Diaper Manufacturing Company in Africa
Ghana: Anglogold Ashanti Allocates U.S.$6Million for Local Purchases
Ghana: Small Scale Mining - Govt to Announce New Policy Friday
Ghana: Small Scale Mining Must Be Sustained
Ghana: Volkswagon, Nissan, Sinotruk to Operate in Ghana Next Year
Ghana: Energy Commercial Bank Engages Strategic Investors to Meet Capital Requirement
Children account for more than one-third of Ebola cases in eastern DRC
South Africa: Skilled Technicians for the Automotive and Allied Industries
Africa: One Year Later, Single African Air Transport Still a Mirage
Somalia: IMF Urges Somalia to Sustain Reform Momentum
Kenya: Three Die After Quarry Collapses On Them in Tharaka-Nithi
Kenya: KQ s Plan to Prop Up Jambojet Flops As Aircraft s Rejected
Kenya: What Kenyans Searched for On Google in 2018
Kenya: NHIF Suspect Flies Choppers to Beat Traffic
Kenya: Kenyatta Calls on Banks to Support SMEs as He Launches New Generation Coins
Nigeria: Govt, ASUU Meeting Inconclusive
Solidarity campaign for refugees, migrants launched in Panama
Nigeria: Non-Oil Sector Grows Nigeria s GDP to 1.8% - NBS
Nigeria: Nigerian FTT Provider Legend Doubles Its Speeds for Double and Triple Play Customers - Increased Video Use Drives Consumption
Congo-Kinshasa: EU Renews Sanctions Against Top Officials
Abbaan Lafaa wanta 3 yeroo dhabu akka Oromotimmoo hundi keenya wantoota lakk.
Kenya: Kenya Launches New Generation Currency
Africa: Big Business Capturing UN SDG Agenda?
Nigeria: Only Workable Inter-Agency Collaboration Will Grow Maritime Industry - Port Council
Plan to support Syrian refugees and hosts as number of newborns reaches one million
Uganda: Boat Cruise Tragedy - 50 New Survivors Show Up
Uganda: Municipalities Run to Court Over Government Directive On Taxes
Nigeria: Opec Cut - Nigeria s Daily Oil Production to Drop to 1.7mn Barrels
Nigeria: Lagos, Osubi Airports Operate As FAAN Suspends Shutdown
Nigeria: Bank Directors Seek CIBN Support On Professionalism, Ethics
Nigeria: Q3 Trade Report Reflects Nigeria s Continued Dependence On Oil Revenue
Kenya: Uhuru Kenyatta Unveils New Currency Coins
South Africa: Mortuary Employees Arrested for Defying Court Order to End Go-Slow
Kenya: Matatu Owners Oppose NTSA Move On 14-Seater Matatus
Kenya: Camp Toyoyo, Mumias Among Banned Match Venues
Kenya: Central Bank Unveils New Generation Coins
Kenya: Puzzle of Kenya Pipeline s Sh61 Billion Expenditure
Africa: President Calls for Clear Roadmap for African Integration
Ghana: Arthur Energy Advisors Awarded
Somalia’s capital unable to cope with 600,000 displaced people seeking shelter, protection and aid
Rwanda: Meet 18-Year-Old Student Who Makes a Living From Mushroom Farming
Nigeria: Faltering Oil Prices Set Naira, Budget On Risky Path
Africa: More Than Half World s Population Using Internet - ITU
Senegal: U.S., Senegal Sign New Power Compact
Senegal: On Senegal s Millennium Challenge Compact
Senegal: Secretary Pompeo s Meeting With Senegalese Prime Minister Mohammed Dionne
Sudan: Dollar Rises Against Sudanese Pound
Zimbabwe: Heavy Rains Time to Plant, Farmers Told
Nigeria: Power Distribution - We ll No Longer Accept Excuses From Discos - FG
Nigeria: Nigeria s Economy Grows By 1.81 Percent in Q3 - NBS
Uganda: Formalise Boda Boda Industry for Economic Growth, Government Urged
East Africa: EAC States Asked to Scale Up Intra-Trade
Rwanda: From Rwf 40, 000, Young Entrepreneur Now Owns Multi-Million Avocado Oil Firm
Rwanda: IMF Urges Regional Countries to Develop Effective Taxpayer Registers
Zimbabwe: Govt Mineral Specific Policies to Boost Growth
Zimbabwe: China Ready to Seal Investment Deals
Tanzania: More Than U.S.$10 Billion At Stake Due to Tax Petitions - TRA
Tanzania: This Is Why We Shut Down Bureaux De Change - Magufuli
Angola: Angola Spends U.S.$66 Million On Chicken Importing
Nigeria: Nigeria, an Investment Destination of Choice - Osinbajo
Rwanda: KCB Group Marks 10 Years of Operations in Rwanda, Commits to Grow Investment
Uganda: BoU Probe - Bagyenda Sold NBC Through a Phone Call
Mozambique: Bank of Mozambique Signs Agreement With Euronet
Mozambique: Inflation Remained Low in November
Zimbabwe: Trade Tops Agenda at President s Meeting with Diplomats
Nigeria: Academic Staff Strike Continues As Lecturers Meeting With Govt Ends
Kenya: Overload Looms as KPL Bans Five Stadia
Kenya: Sakaja Reconnects With City Motorist Who Gave Him Way
The costs of fuelling humanitarian aid
Old Faces and New Masks: The ‘Reformed’ EPRDF
ESAT Addis Ababa Amharic News Dec 10, 2018
ESAT Oduu Afaan Oromoo Wiixata Dec 10 2018
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 10, 2018
ESAT DC Daily News 10 Dec 2018
ESAT Tikuret Habtamu with Ato Solomon Zewdie Mon 10 Dec 2018 Part One
ESAT News In Depth Is Tigray Marching To War December 10,2018
ESAT Argaa-Dhageettii Mon 10 Dec 2018
 የኢትዮጵያ ወቅታዊ ሁኔታ Dec 10,2018:-Walitti bu’insa barattoota amhaaraa fi oromootti walqooduun fiicheen
Más de 150 países adoptan el Pacto Mundial para la Migración
Somalia’s capital unable to cope with 600,000 displaced people seeking shelter, protection and aid
Thousands of migrants near Bosnian-Croatian border ill-equipped to survive freezing temperatures
ESAT 60 Mon Dec 10 2018
Barataan Lama Yunivarsiitii Jijjigaatti du’aniiru
Ethiopia: Businessman charged with illegal contracts with MeTEC
Zimbabwe: Former VP Mphoko Exposed in Choppies Bribery Storm
Saudi releases hundreds of Ethiopian prisoners
MP filed motion to impeach Somali President over Ethiopia, Eritrea pact
South Africa: Khayelitsha Eco Warriors Bring Solar Energy to Salt River School
Tunisia: Libya Is Shutting Down El Sharara After Field Seized By Tribesmen
MP filed motion to impeach Somali President over Ethiopia, Eritrea pact
Tanzania: President Magufuli Hands Over 670,000 IDs to Boost Tax Collections
South Africa: Worker Takes Eskom Labour Brokers to CCMA
South Africa: Nine Deaths Recorded, R350k in Fines Issued On Western Cape Roads Over Weekend
Will Ethiopia’s reforms include its women?
Nigeria: FAAN Grounds Lagos, Warri Airports, Others Over N2.6 Billion Debt
Lammiileen Itiyoophiyaa 450 mana hidhaa Sawudii Atabiyaatti argamuu fi Jiizaan jedhamu keessaa gallakkifaman har’a Finfinnee galan
Kenya humiliates Ethiopia in Copa opener
ከመፈናቀል የተረፉት አርሶአደሮች የሰቆቃ ኑሮ:”እነሱ የአርሶአደሩ ችግር አልታይ ስላላቸው ሰሚ ጆሮ ያለው ካለ የአርሶአደሩን ጥያቄዎች በሰላማዊ ሰልፍ እንጠይቃለን።
Dabre Markosi University Baratoti Oromo Halaa hamaa Kessa Jirani Motumaan Dafee qaqqabuu Qaba?
Nigeria: Runsewe Commends Organizers of 3rd Abuja Annual Trade
South Africa: SA to Partake in IATF
South Africa: Dti Welcomes Judgment On Interest Rate Regulations
Nigeria: 37 Ships Carrying Various Products Expected At Lagos Ports
Kenya: M-Pesa Is a Critical Resource, It Should Never Fail
Tanzania: Tadb Set to Boost Cashew Nut Farmers
Nigeria: Edo Approves More Roads for Reconstruction
Liberia: Weah Launches Pro-Poor Rice Distribution
Kenya: Safaricom Apologises After M-Pesa Is Hit With Another Glitch
Kenya: Government to Invest More in Aviation Infrastructure - Uhuru
Nigeria: N800 Billion Subsidy Debts - Dappma Insists On Strike to Stop Fuel Loading
Africa: Inequality in 2018 - Women Bear the Brunt of Inequality
South Africa: Load Shedding Probability High On Monday
UN migration pact brings hope for people displaced by disasters and climate change - NRC
Tanzania: This Is What BoT Should Do to Bolster Banking System
Tanzania: Prices of Food Rise As Festive Season Nears
Southern Africa: Batoka Project to Spur Industrial Growth
Egypt: Liquid Telecom to Invest U.S.$400 Million in Egyptian Network Infrastructure
Africa: 4G Capital Launches NxtGen a New Credit Solution for Africa s Banking Industry
East Africa: East African Trade Wars
Rwanda: Wood, Tourism and ICT Exhibitors Shine At the Made in Rwanda Expo 2018
Uganda: Women NGO Wants Minimum Wage to Protect Employees
Zimbabwe: Gems to Anchor Foreign Policy - Mnangagwa
Africa: Raise Partners with Anjarwalla Khanna and Pan-African Legal Alliance ALN to Create First Security Token Framework
Uganda: Govt Creates New Pension Scheme for Civil Servants
Zimbabwe: MPs Demand Truth On Fuel Situation
Africa: Is Africa Ready for Nuclear Energy?
Africa: How to Harness Africa s Blue Economy
Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe s Farmers Set Hopes On Irrigation Scheme
Africa: Africa s Debt Crisis - Who Is to Blame?
Africa: A Double Challenge for the Disabled
Eritrea: After Making Peace, Ethiopia and Eritrea Now Focus On Development
Africa: Blue Economy Can Be a Lifeline for Africa
UNICEF racing against time to protect more than 151,000 displaced Iraqi children
Nigeria: Budget 2019 Dead Before Arrival
Tanzania: Tltb Cleared of Tax Avoidance Claims
Project to construct schools in refugee camps and host communities launched in Ethiopia
Kenya: The Scramble for Gold Awakens Tiny Siaya Village
Kenya: KNUT Rejects State s Affordable Housing Plan
Kenya: Teachers Want Over U.S.$166 Million for Medical Cover
Mozambique: First Payment for Suspension Bridge Due Next Year
Malawi: Bill to Bring Sanity in Tobacco Industry
Mozambique: Nyusi Inaugurates Lichinga-Litunde Highway
Mozambique: New Bridge Reduces Distance Between Parts of Niassa
Uganda: Government Conducts Census of Ugandans Employed By International Bodies
Tanzania: Govt Blocks Cashew Nut Exporters At Port
Tanzania: Tz-Uganda Oil Pipeline Project Faces Delays
Kenya: ICT Ministry Launches Investigations Into the Latest M-Pesa Outage
Kenya: Safaricom Explains What Caused M-Pesa Outage
Kenya: Safaricom s M-Pesa Services Down
Kenya: Safaricom Probed Over Costly M-Pesa Outage
The TPLF is Harboring Its Torture Kingpin, Getachew Assefa
RSWO – Muddee 9,2018: Seenaa Miseensa WBO Wareegamee, Maatiisaa’rraa kan Odeeffanne Lola Lixa Oromiyaa’tti
“Jijjiirama Ummanni Oromoo dhiiga isaa itti dhangalaasee lafee isaa itticabee fide eenyumaafuu dabarsinee hin laannu(kenninu)” Hayyu Duree ABO Jaal Daawud Ibsaa Ayyaanaa
South Sudan set to vaccinate targeted healthcare and frontline workers operating in high risk states against Ebola
ONN : SBO MUDDE 09,2018. Oduu fi Gaaffii fi deebii Itti Aanaa Hayyu-Duree ABO Jaal Araarsoo Biqilaa kutaa 5ffaa fi isa xumuraa
Ummanni Oromoo Walloo Aanaa Baatee bifa kanan hidhattooni naannoo Affaar Ganda isaani irraa buqisani jiran.
Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News December 9, 2018
Major UN logistics operation underway to deliver aid to Syria from Jordan
Sudan’s state governor, officials killed in helicopter crash
The Rebirth Timing of Ethiopia
Iyyaafannoo Kabajamoo Artist Nuhoo Goobanaa. Akkam garaa nama raasa
Uganda: Probe Raises Questions Over Bank of Uganda
East Africa: East Africa Hit By Rise in Petrol Prices
East Africa: Why EAC Monetary Union Could Be Delayed
Africa: How New Media Platforms Have Become Powerful Across Africa
Major UN aid delivery to Syria from Jordan
Shaashee : “Dhakaan bu’uuraa Gamoo Oromiyaa Miidiyaa Neetwork Magaalaa Shaashamannee giddu gala qabsoo qeerroo tan taate ganda Awaashoo (Minisootaa jedhamuun beekkamtutti) kaa’ame.
Must Listen: ግንቦት 7ቱ ታምራት ሰገራ የብሔር ብሔረሰቦችን ማንነትና ቓንቓ መጥፋት አለባቸው እያለ ነው
Baalee Mallasaan qoqqobbii itti gatee ABOtu keessa jiraata jedhee Bosona isaanii gubsiise fixe,..
Sudan: 500 Cotton Bales Burn in El Gezira Gin Fire
Tanzania: Hoima-Tanga Crude Oil Project On Course
Tanzania: Govt Assures Chinese Investors of Security
Africa: Migrant Deaths Will Rise as Rescue Mission Ends in Mediterranean Sea
Coordination and cooperation lead to successful vaccination campaign in Libya
Nobel Peace Prize: Stronger efforts needed to prevent sexual violence in war
The Rise and Fall of EPRDF
Ethiopia arrests 2 senior intelligence officers over alleged human rights abuses
Finfinnee Maccaa Tuulama
forces conspire to destabilize peaceful political struggle in Ethiopia
Ethiopia, World Bank Sign 100 Mln USD Loan Agreement
Accessing South Sudan in time of humanitarian crisis
Addis Ababa International Movement (AIM) Launch
Tensae Radio Dec 8 2018
OMN: ወቅታዊ ዘገባ፣ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ በትግራይ፣ የብሄር ብሄረሰቦች ቀንና የአፋር ክልል ገዢ ፓርቲ DEC 8, 2018
Addis Ababa set to get major face lift
Sorry Indiana Jones, the Ark of the Covenant Is Not Inside This Ethiopian Church
Here are the leading causes of child injury in Ethiopia
Bitcoin Brings Economic Freedom
Zimbabwe: New Bookkeeping Software for SMEs
Africa: Construction Companies Failing to Protect Refugee Workers in Jordan, Lebanon - Study
የኢትዮጵያ፣ የሱዳንና የጂቡቲ መሪዎች የጅማ ዩኒቨርሲቲ የሜዲካል ማዕከልን መረቁ
OMN: GRD Mudde 8, 2018
“ጥፍር በፒንሳ ስትነቅሉ፣ ግብር ሰዶም ስትፈፅሙ ፣ ክብሩን ሰው አዋርዳችው በጉንዳን …
Kenya: Jambopay - Quick Rise Firm Draws Scrutiny
Ethiopia’s top Paralympian now living as refugee in Brazil
ለአዲስ አበባ ከንቲባነት መስፈርት – “ጥርት ያለ አማርኛ”
Preventing and responding to conflict-related sexual violence in Myanmar
ESAT Addis Ababa Amharic News Dec 07, 2018
Latest IPC analysis shows dire food insecurity situation in Yemen
ESAT Oduu Afaan Oromoo Jimaata Dec 07 2018
ESAT Radio Fri 07 Dec 2018
UN emergency relief fund has ‘never been more critical’: Guterres
UN emergency relief fund has ‘never been more critical’: Guterres
CERF the most profitable investment for the good of humankind – UN Secretary-General
ESAT Argaa-Dhageettii Fri 07 Dec 2018
Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News December 7, 2018
Tensae Radio Dec 7 2018
ESAT DC Daily News Fri 07 Dec 2018
ESAT News in English Dec 07 2018
UN launches Humanitarian InSight, a web-based portal on humanitarian needs and response
Walitti Bu’iinsa Oromiyaa fi Naannoo Beenishaangulitti Kanneen Shakkaman To’annaa Jala Oolan: Poolisii Federaalaa
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 7, 2018
Niger adopts national law for the protection and assistance of internally displaced persons
ESAT Tranzit Theatre Europe Tour ADVERT
ESAT News In Depth The Poverty and Conflict Cycle In Ethiopia December 07,2018
‘Abiy Ahmed Is Not a Populist,’ says Foreign Policy mag
ESAT Eletawi Fri 07 Dec 2018
Africa: Tis the season to… Save the forests from chocolate
South Africa: South African Indigenous Community Win Environmental Rights Case Over Mining Company
Godina Booranaa aanaa Areeroo magaala Mataa Gafarsaatti guyyaa hardhaa hiriirii dhimma dangaa bahamee oolee jira
BBC corrects ‘fake news’ story on ESAT
Morocco: Private Sector Eager to Partner with Others Across Africa - Mezouar
South Africa: SABC Suspends Sex-for-Jobs Pests
South Africa: No Contracts From Treasury to Companies Affiliated With Anisha Gordhan
South Africa: Civilian Company Found Operating Out of Shed On Naval Base
South Africa: Hlaudi Says Hlaudi Is Going to Run for President... Again
Zimbabwe: Time to Gazette Cyber Bill - Hwende
Zimbabwe: Central Bank Boss Arrested, Gets Bail
Afar State, the Last TPLF’s Fortress Falls
Africa: Azuri Technologies Offers Solar Powered Satellite TVs to Rural Householders
East Africa: Are Machines Taking Over Through Robotics Powered By Artificial Intelligence?
Africa: Creating an African Bamboo Industry As Large As China s
Africa: The Revolution of Renewable Energy Needs Political Leadership
Sudan: Sudan Woos Russia and U.S. Firms to Build Bigger Oil Refinery
Sudan: Djibouti Port to Provide Services to S. Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi
South Africa: Govt Needs to Refresh How It Manages By-Products From Mining
East Africa: Poa! Internet Launches Unlimited Business Internet for Low-Income Business Communities
East Africa: 5G Network to Improve Road Safety
Uganda: Hoima Residents Demand for Oil Jobs
South Africa: Prasa Ordered to Cough Up After Commuter Pushed Out of Train
Africa: Small Businesses in Africa Will Be On the Frontline of Climate Change
The humanitarian metadata problem: ‘Doing no harm’ in the digital era
ESAT HR- Interview with Dr. Tadesse Biru. 5 Dec 2018
Libya: Migrant Rescue Ship Aquarius to End Operations
Tanzania: Arusha 16-Storey Project Set to Start
Africa: NIC Bank, Commercial Bank of Africa Announce Merger Talks
Attacks and kidnappings disrupt education for children in English-speaking Cameroon
Uganda: Uganda Invites New Oil Exploration Bids
Ethiopia: In Southern Ethiopia, Herders Join Forces to Revive Rangelands
South Africa: Frenzy for Fish Means Torturous Life At Sea for Migrant Fishermen
More coordination needed to face upcoming humanitarian crises in Somalia
Funding Opportunity for Emerging Media in Ethiopia (FEME)
Do not forget Finfinnee is Oromia :-ባህር ዳር ላይ አማርኛ የማይችል ከንቲባ አልተሾመም!!
Jilli Baha Baalee irraa lammitu lammiif dhaqqaba jechuun lixa oromiyaa wallaga naqamteetti imale uummata keenya
Nigeria: Minister Frowns At Slow Pace of Work On Benin-Auchi-Okene Road Project
South Africa: Stage 1 Load Shedding Underway
Tanzania: Maize, Maize Everywhere, but Where Will Tanzania Sell Its Surplus?
UNHCR urges protection of Yemeni civilians
Nigeria: Buhari Presides Over Special Cabinet Meeting On 2019 Budget
Nigeria: No to Fuel Scarcity This Yuletide
Kenya: Internet Society Kenya Chapter Holds 2018 AGM
Ethiopia: Ethio-South Korea Textile, Apparel Investment Forum Held in Addis
Kenya: Kenya Airways U.S. Flights Down to 5 a Week
IOM houses more than 2,500 vulnerable refugees transferred from Greek islands
Kenya: 30% of Trips in Nairobi Are Made By Minibus. Why Were They Banned?
East Africa: DPO, Aero CRS Partner to Open Up Global Markets to Regional Airlines
South Africa: South Africa s Land Expropriation Plans Could Wreck Regional Economy
South Africa: Scopa Demands Answers On Steinhoff, VBS and Pic s Other Troubled Investments
South Africa: Mantashe Meets Mining CEOs
South Africa: Wakkerstroom Residents Want R13 Million Water Pipeline Project Halted
South Africa: Strikers Barricade Mortuary
South Africa: Government Welcomes Fitch Rating
South Africa: Eskom Works to Keep the Lights On
Zimbabwe: Ruling Party Urges Ideological Training for Civil Servants
South Africa: Labour Department Is Out of Its Depth On the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Nigeria: Curse of Oil - Time to Return to Agriculture
Nigeria: Buhari Pledges to Sign Petroleum Industry Governance Bill When Resent By Nass
Uganda: Bagyenda Aides - Bail Ruling Date Set
Zimbabwe: No Resolve to National Railways Impasse
South Africa: Court Ruling Provides Some Relief for Borrowers
Tanzania: Kenya, Tanzania Banks Exposed to Sovereign Risks
Nigeria: As South Africa Airways Celebrates 20 Years Operation in Nigeria
Zimbabwe: Indigenous Company Help Fight Drug Shortages
Zimbabwe: State of the Economy and Way Forward
Rwanda: New Push to Make ICT Services More Affordable to Farmers
Rwanda: Rwanda Records Drop in Poverty Levels
Kenya: Chinese Mall Sets Sights on Online Customers
South Sudan: Forecasting Trouble - How The Weather Service Is Failing Farmers
Rwanda: Rwanda to Build Ecotourism Park in Kigali
Africa: Umoyastream Pilots Pan-African Gospel Streaming Platform at Taxi Ranks
Rwanda: Commercial Bank of Africa to Merge With NIC Bank
South Africa: Norway Will Invest If South Africa Gets Its Act Together
Kenya: U.S. to Deepen Ties With Kenya, Increase Investments in Africa
Zimbabwe: Opposition s Biti Blasts Finance Minister for Travelling Abroad
Ethiopia: Capital Newspaper Interview With Dr Ambachew Mekonnen (PHD)
Ethiopia: Hiber Radio Interview with Petty Officer Abebe Mekonnen
Ethiopia: Cartoon of the day
Kenya: Sonko - I Will Not Allow Laziness, Nairobians Must Walk
Zimbabwe: Finance Minister Submits Paper to U.S. Congress Sub-Committee
Zimbabwe: President Asks Business to Balance Profit with National Interest
Nigeria: Second Niger Bridge Will Be Ready in 2022, Says Contractor
Nigeria: Global Export Near $19.6tr in 2018 Amid Slow Economic Recovery
Tanzania: Oil Prices Continue to Increase
Nigeria: NCC Moves to Develop Regulatory Framework for 5G, HAPS Technologies
Zimbabwe: Govt to Set Up Economic Advisory Council
Nigeria: Senate Gives Govt Two Weeks to Pay Oil Marketers
Kenya: Why Kenyans Are Not Impressed With Parliament s Push for Wi-Fi
Kenya: Maize to Remain at Sh2,300 for 90kg Bag, Agriculture Ministry Says
Nigeria: Nigerian Security Free Seven Kidnapped Oil Workers
Nigeria: ASUU Strike - Another Meeting Between Lecturers, Govt to Hold Monday
Nigeria: GE Nigeria Unveils E-Learning Portal to Boost Innovative Skills Development
Nigeria: Nigerian Govt, Oil Marketers Reach Agreement - Finance Ministry
West Africa: Nigeria Contributes to Ecowas, More Than 13 Countries Put Together
Nigeria: Second Niger Bridge to Be Completed 2022 - Govt
Nigeria: Google Brings Google Station , Faster Wi-Fi to Abuja
East Africa: Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway to Start Moving Goods Early in 2019
Touted as a model abroad, Ethiopia’s rural land registration raises serious questions at home
ESAT Radio Thu 06 Dec 2018
Pacto Mundial sobre Migración: ¿a qué obliga y qué beneficios tiene?
ESAT special interview with Zeyneba Shikur Dec 2018
ESAT Latest Ethiopian News December 6, 2018
70th anniversary of historic Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be celebrated on 10 December
Ethiopia on the Verge of Environmental Collapse
Ethiopia’s ODP building alliances with opposition in Oromia
ESAT News In Depth The Power Politics In EPRDF December 06,2018
ESAT Special Interview with Dr. Zelalem Teklu on Money Laundry Dec 2018
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